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Do you have unused domains from projects you never started? Are you good at coming up with cool, brandable sounding domain names that aren’t already registered? Have you been sitting on some great, dictionary word names?

If so, then read on!

We built Maker Monikers because we were sick of trying to come up with names for new projects. Most of the names we had in mind for a domain were taken, usually by domain brokers wanting $xx,xxx.

There are alternative marketplaces to buy brandable domains too, some really nice ones, but we didn’t want to be spending even $1,000 on a side project. We wanted decent domains at a low price. Something perfect for makers.

What type of domains do we sell?

MM is a new project, so we’re starting off small. Here’s the rough criteria for domain names to be listed:

  • It must be .com, .co or .io (for now)
  • No hyphens or numbers (unless a number really, really makes sense)
  • No names which violate a known trademark
  • No offensive names or pr0n
  • No international character domains
  • Ideally, 1-2 dictionary words or a made up “brand” word that is easy to spell/say
  • Priced between $50-$500

Why list with Maker Monikers?

  • We aren’t aiming to be another marketplace where domains are listed and left for weeks, months, or years. We want domains priced to sell so that people can actually use them.
  • By listing with us, you’ll be helping other makers to get affordable and great domains to use for their projects.
  • We don’t charge a listing fee, and our 10% fee on sales is lower than any other domain marketplace out there.

I want to sell my domain and make $$$

If you’ve got a domain that meets the rough criteria above, great! To get started, fill out the form above and we’ll review the submission.

Once accepted you’ll need to point your domain DNS to our servers so that we can redirect traffic to your Maker Monikers page. Full details on how to do that will be given after you fill out the form!

Note: you need a Stripe account in order to sell your domain with Maker Monikers.