BrandBucket alternative

Are you looking for an alternative to BrandBucket? If so, you’re in the right place!

Maker Monikers was built because we wanted high-quality, brandable domains, for our side projects and startup ideas, but we didn’t want to pay over $1,000 for them.

The names on BrandBucket are great, but when starting out on a project we wanted to invest all of the money we had into the product or idea, not the name.

Maker Monikers is a BrandBucket alternative for indie business owners, small startups, or anybody trying to put a side project together. We focus on brandable domain names with a maximum price of $1,000, unlike BrandBucket who never list a domain for less than $1,000.

Why is Maker Monikers the alternative to BrandBucket?

  • We aim for similar, brandable domains, but at a much more affordable price
  • We charge $0 to list your domain name (BrandBucket charge $10 per listing)
  • Our success fee is 10% of your sale price which is 3 times less than the 30% BrandBucket charges

No listing fees

The big difference is in the fees. We want sellers to make more money selling your domain, and buyers to get great domains at a much cheaper price.

We don’t believe a seller should have to pay a listing fee at all, and we only take 10% of the sale because we don’t need much to cover our costs and would rather you come back to list more domains with us so we both win!

Logo design

BrandBucket also charges the seller to design a logo. While we understand the logo helps buyers to visualise the brand, we think the name is more than enough to see the idea and this isn’t necessary.

If we ever do design to do branded logos, we wouldn’t charge the seller for this upfront, we would probably raise the success fee to 15% (which is still half the fee BrandBucket charge.

Getting paid

With BrandBucket, the payment goes into Escrow and they handle everything on their end before disbursing the money to you. On Maker Monikers, you connect a Stripe account and the payment comes directly to you, right away!

All you have to do once receiving payment is connect with the buyer and transfer the domain. It’s a much more streamlined process by cutting out the middleman.

Give Maker Monikers a try!

We’d love you to consider Maker Monikers as a BrandBucket alternative if you want to sell a domain name. We’re small and do not have the reach they have with buyers yet – but it’s absolutely free to list your domain with us so there’s really no reason not try us out.

Other BrandBucket alternatives

There are a number of other marketplaces that offer a good alternative to BrandBucket, but in our opinion they are all very similar.

  • Brandpa – $5 listing fee and 25% commission
  • Brandroot – $10 listing fee and they don’t publicly state the commission but it’s most likely 25-30%
  • KillerLaunch – $5 listing fee and 25% commission (seems like a poor copy of Brandpa)

We will continue to add more alternatives to this list as we find them to allow you to make the best choice for buying or selling branded domain names.